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Remote Manipulation and Human Behavior: What is our Government Doing?

Did you know that Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill, HR 2977, to the house, in 2001, and that a portion of that bill acknowledges the existence of space based weapons that are capable of effecting the mental health of persons on earth. Terms such as 'mood management', 'psychotronic', 'exotic weapons systems' 'economic well-being', 'electromagnetic' are all included in this bill, that never did past. The bill can be read in the following link: Federation of American Scientists

I think it is one of the most sinister governmental-military intelligence exercises happening in the world today, unnoticed even as some victims walk in public, but having evolved from a long history of US intelligence (CIA) involvement in tampering and experimenting with the human mind.

The invasive military and classified surveillance technology, I will say, allows for a pervasive psychological assault that is able to dispatch organise groups, anyone needed, or individuals, who perform scripted psychological harassment and malicious manipulations, all with intent to do harm, in the workplace, on the street, and in shops where the victim is a paying customer, and other public places, and in the home as well. This is being reported by some, and experiences that the writer of this text has had, but it may mask a greater threat, which does not involve such a parade of psychological harassment within ones daily waking and sleeping time. This is why the US military, the complicit intelligence organizations, and the departments of justice and law enforcement at all levels, need to be held accountable for such atrocities using remote technologies, and be called on for disclosure of such technologies, as well as practices like that stated above.

Remote psychological torture:

Remote psychological torture, in the name of advancing technologies in the Pentagon's classified arsinal. These technologies, and the assaults reproted as mind control experimentation, erase liberty and freedom. Due to the reality of this military and intelligence exercise, the absence of media sources investigating the claims, the public is not being informed, and victims are isolated, no doubt through gag rules put to those used or involved, within the communities, neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and schools. Psychiatry, long cited as an outpost for CIA experiments, is used to lable the victim, fraudulently, as suffering from psychosis, at least as far as I know. We are looking at a two tiered operation, that explores and develops 1. technologies aimed remotely at the human brain; 2. psychological manipulation/conditioning/harassment (psychological warfare techniques).

All is played out in society, invading workplaces, schools, homes, businesses, transportation, and using any such associations, from purchases, dining, health care, employment, as well as personal relations. From my knowledge, such operations invade the individual's life history 100%. The victim, as far as I can say, is intently survielled for years, and the technologies are used, to one extent or another, without the victim's know, in some cases, perhaps since childhood or adolesence. Other reported claims state being victimized as a result of activity in adulthood, such as whistleblowing, or attention getting due to actions of a political or social nature. I personally cannot imagine that there are so many victims, or experimental subjects, for what I know of the pervasive organized psychological assaults, the is much involved, as surveillance and the operation costs money, uses classified resources, and will involve hundreds of people, just to assault one subject. Anyway, for what it is worth, there are reported claims on the internet's youtube, blog services, and websites. What is needed is disclosure to the public of technologies that via remote and covert means, are able to interpret thoughts, alter moods, effect psychological stablity, and induce precise bodily and mental disturbances. I believe it is a reality, do you? Should you care? What does such technology mean for people alive today? And what does it mean even for the person who is not victimized like myself.

How is this possible? Below I have references to early works in technologies to communicate, or influence the human mind. There is also a youtube video clipping a Discovery Channel special regarding this topic. Alos, the quotes within presented, link to works dispelling possible (or reproted) coverups of this type of technology today.
"There has been a quantum leap of technology and many articles confirm that the technology is capable of computer-brain interface and control of every nerve in the human body. The mind control technology is as mind boggling as the landing of the man on the moon. There is already evidence of an emf weapon testing program involving nonconsenting human subjects. Possible remedies include the revision of the National Security law. " -What the Public Should Know about Frequency Weapons
The above quote is by Cheryl Welsh ,organizer of Mind Justice and Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, By Electromagnetic and Neurological Weapons, an online site working to expose and stop voilations of civil and constitutional liberties using technologies aimed at the human mind . Other writing concerning such weapons and our freedom from them:

There appear to be two methods of delivery with the system.
One is direct microwave induction into the brain of the subject, limited to short-range operations
. Judy Wall

For viewing: Electronic Mind Control from youtube. This youtube video clipping 9 minute from a Discovery Channel presentation that covers, in summary, the research of Jose Delgado, as well as what is reported to have evolved from this one Yale University physiologist's early experiments involving electrodes and the brains of rats. should startle anyone living in an advanced industrial democratic society. Based in part on ideas presented in Delgado's book entitled Physical Control of the Human Brain, Towards a Psychocivilized society (1969), the programs of thought control and behavior manipulation via remote means have advanced greatly from electrodes being inserted into a subjects brain, to frequency able to penetrate the skull. Whatever the developments, shouded in classified technologies developed in secret by military and intelligence, one, I think, must ask an important question, for this regards remote, hence invisible, control of a human's mind, by another person, without subjects consent, and perhaps knowledge.

I have not read Delgado's book, though can say, almost with an honest appraisal of the title, that it is a treatise whcih is diametrically opposed to the foundations of the beliefs, as well as the established understandings of civil society, humanity, culture and government that most Americans, and most people within the world population, share. The evolutionary development of human culture and society, political systems, democracy, freedom, and liberty may all be swept away with what is projected as being possible, considering the technologies that are theoretically based on Delgodo's early work, and strives by people in power to use electrical and frequency means to alter an individuals consciousness, moods, physical health, and basic psychological state. What has evolved from these early researches into controlling, or more accurately, manipulating human thought, influencing human behavior, and if one agrees with the wording, enslaving an individual in ways that go well beyond what is traditionally known as control and slavery, political control, social and moral controls, education and edification?

The title of this paper indicates a little known element of the Cold War era, the search for control of the human mind. If you though Madison Avenue were the only ones attempting to reach such a goal, think again.

Be certain, our government IS aiming these technologies at unsuspecting and involuntary individuals, for research, and in some cases, or many, the results are reported are not nice. If you think I am wrong, then perhaps psychiatry does not know how to heal people, they only know how to help discredit them, at least as far as stated mind control victims go. It is a nasty exercise, nothing you would want your son or daughter, or any family member, to endure. One needs only to search the following: Mind Control, Covert Harassment, Electromagnetic Harassment (Torture), MK Ultra, Electronic Harassment, to read with disearnment, the accounts of victims claiming to be subjected to secret programs for the development, and deployment, of these technologies for within the general population. One reference that keeps popping up in reads on this topic is the US government's HAARP project, research in frequencies and the earths ionosphere.

This article may cut through much of what is stated on many mind control websites, for there is much information out there:

Victims of mind control experimentation are thus routinely diagnosed,knee-jerk
fashion, as mentally ill by doctors who learned the DSM“symptom” list in medical
school. Physicians have not been schooledthat patients may be telling the
truth when they report being targetedagainst their will or being used as guinea
pigs for electronic, chemicaland bacteriological forms of psychological
. Dr. Rauni Kilde

Technology and the Disappearance of the Individual?

As reported, the invasive technologies (electronic mind control) negates, in my opinion, the term individual, while crushing the concept of liberty, for these technologies are invisible, using what has been reported as ultra low frequency, as well as ultrasound, in a continuous around the clock surviellance. They are reproted to altering moods and brain states, induce sleep and awake, subliminally implanting dreams, as well as induce trauma through subliminally implanting via frequency delivery neurotic thought patterns, and hypnotic script as well as thoughts in the general sense. The way these technologies are reportedly being used negates what is known as 'the individual' in the western sense of the word. It negates or make works based on the philosophic and humanistic study of humans and society null and void, in my opinion. To understand what I mean, I ask you this: if your every thought, brain state and mood is being monitored, as well as altered, and your CNS, as well the physical and the molecular of your body are all under the same remote reach, then what do words of the ancient Greeks, or those written during enlightenment mean? Voltaire becomes a relic of an era predating space based satellite technologies that are reportedly said to interface with the human mind, as the individual is cast back, in some ways, to the dark ages, without even knowing it.

EMF (EMF) (electromagnetic field, electromagnetic frequency), and ultrasound are the said frequency based technologies, though if one were to search documentation on research in what is termed DEW (direct energy weapons) as well as non-lethal weapons, one would be well on the way to understanding that these technologies are in operation (see Active Denial System as well as Influence Technology), and have been researched for years. (EMF timeline)
Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program, a website about what is declassified.

Articles on Electromagnetism and the human mind Energy weapons is another term used to identify these new remote weapons and technologies

An Important Consideration Regarding Classified Advanced Mind Technologies, and Reported Capabilities

In a medical context, these systems can be used
to great advantage to treat psychiatric and psychosomatic problems. Judy Wall

The technologies aimed at individuals who are said to be mind control victims could be used in ways to enhance the health of the general population, curing the ill and physically, as well as mentally handicapped, reducing PTSD symptoms, and reducing or erasing alcoholic and substance abuse withdrawl, relieving people of depression and other mental health inflictions including those inflicting the elderly. I say this from experinece, but I only need to cross reference my experiences with those that are reported in medical journal articles regarding frequency technologies, and the reported 'symptoms' of EMF torture, as well as mind control. The fact that they can debilitate for a brief period, any muscle or joint, can induce deep sleep, insomnia, agitation, rage, drug like states, paranoia, blurred or cloudy vision, audio and visual illusions, etc., is testimony that this technology is being misused, and abused, for malicious and heinous acts, by researchers within intelligence, for the purpose of advancing technologies and tactics to remotely drive someone crazy, kill them, or drive them to murder, or other manchurian candidate type acts.

Energy weapons is another term used to identify these new remote weapons and technologies. I encourage you to search the work of Leuren Moret (youtube), an international specialist working in the area of public health and depleted uranium, as well as Rep Kucinich, Dennis J, and the initiative he presented to The House of Representatives, H. R. 2977, Space Preservation Act, in 2001. This bill acknowledges the use of space based weapons for 'mind control' experimentation, influencing and effecting populations (or individuals). The fact that such weapons are used to sadistically torture persons in the 'free world', to deteriorate their functioning as healthy and productive individuals, is what comes about, in my opinion, when the military and intelligence community usurup research. The foundations of the military and intelligence communities are, to one extent or another, void of the moral fabrics that guide, say, departments of education or justice. One can may expect the atrocities highlighted in the above youtube clip from Discovery Channel, and other reported claims coming from entities that have long been used by those in power to abuse humanity.

Kucinch Bill:

Leuren Moret


Organized Stalking goes hand in hand with mind influenicing technologies used to harass.

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